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Nothing is more exciting for a submissive than being blindfolded by the dominant, anticipating -- and not knowing -- the next body sensation you'll receive. You want a blindfold that truly keeps you in the dark. Only a leather blindfold that's lined will achieve the desired effect. The blindfold with eye cut-outs is especially delightful; it's like "eyes wide shut" while eyes are open; it's like being in the abyss!


BDSM Leather Blindfold with Eye Cut-Outs

Our thick leather BDSM blindfold with eye cut-outs. Wearing this is like being in a black room with your eyes wide open. Lined with genuine sheepskin.

Leather Blindfold

Our thick (yet soft) black leather blindfold with lush genuine sheepskin lining.

Sissy Maid Blindfold Leather Lace Roses

Matching our Sissy Maid Bondage line, we present our genuine sherpa-lined leather sissy blindfold with lace and satin roses with buckle closure. IMPORTANT:::  BMC's sissy bondage gear is extremely time-consuming. (We are prefectionists anyway.)  Your order will take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to complete. Please be patient, as your goods are made to order, by hand, and well worth the wait.