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Body Sensation Devices

I want to feel sensations when I'm all tied up in bondage! These bondage toys will assist. It's all about body sensation.


BDSM Hot Wax Play Paraffin Waxing Candles - Pack of 4

These LONG-burning hot wax play candles are fabulous!  Not only are they great for sensuous BDSM wax play, but you can see they're easily used as ambience and readily stick to any glass surface with a few drops of melted wax.  They measure 5" tall x 1-1/4" diameter. Choice of 4-pack or Dozen pack. NOTE: These are NOT shipped outside the USA. USA only! Thank you.

BDSM Leather Neuralwheel Pinwheel Case Set or Case Only

BMC's leather Wartenberg neuralwheel and leather case SET. The case is made of delish, QUALITY leather, machine stitched and features 3 snaps. Why do you need a case? These little fargers will wreck other toys in your toybag if you don't have a case; they will tear sh*t up! BMC's neuralwheel / pinwheel case will house TWO wheels, for your submissive's body sensation pleasure and/or "torture." The neuralwheel is an absolute essential to your BDSM scene play.

BDSM Pinwheel Neuralwheel

The infamous "pinwheel" (officially the Wartenberg neuralwheel) is used ever-so-lightly; simply let its own weight glide across the body, tip to toe, for delightful and surprising sensations -- especially arousing with a blindfold on!

The Sqwiggler

The Sqwiggler is a motorized massager with two speeds and ten flexible copper fingers, that glide through your hair, penetrating right through to your scalp.

The Tingler

You may have seen this one on TV. Ten flexible copper tendrils glide through your hair, penetrating right through to your scalp. Smooth tips stimulate sensitive nerve endings, relieves stress and kills pain.

Rubber Angel Hair Tickler

Angelhair rubber tickler/whip. As with other 'ticklers' above, turn the other end around for a smackin' good time. Glow-in-the-Dark PINK only.

Leather Scented Candle 8oz Tin Long Burning by Dirty Black Candle

The best, most rich leather scented candle; it'll fill your bedroom or dungeon with the aroma of hot, sexy, black leather. This candle burns about 40 hours or more in a metal tin. Amazing quality leather scented candle made by Dirty Black Candle company; 8 oz.

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Kiss 'n Kill Mitt Rabbit Fur Mitt

Soft rabbit fur on one side; slappy leather on the other! See also our "Vampire" version!

Kiss n 'Kill Vampire Rabbit Fur Mitt

Soft, lucious rabbit fur with lots of tiny prickly pins (sharp!) hidden on one side and slappy, spank-worthy leather on the other side! These mitts are made to order, as is all of BMC's leather bondage gear. Don't rush us. Awesome things take time and usually worth the wait. OK?