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CBT Devices

Cock & ball torture devices, including cock rings, ball parachutes and cock cages.


Ball-Stretcher with Pulls
Soft lightweight latigo; garment leather lined and machine lock-stitched ball stretcher with pulls (weights optional); fully adjustable buckle closure.

Cone Chute
Cone-shaped ball-stretcher parachute is adjustable with 2 sets of snaps and comes with bootstrap chain for attaching weights or whatever the hell Master/Mistress decides!
Figure-8 Cock Ring & Ball Spreader
A single leather strap, cleverly hardwared with snaps creates the perfect c-ring and ball-spreader. Fully adjustable.
The Parachute
The larger style of the Cone Parachute (above) with 3 sets of adjustable snaps. Medium-weight latigo leather and bootstrap chains gather at the bottom for attaching weights or ... well, you know.