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Fetish Collars

BMC enjoys catering to various fetishes and BDSM scenes, including religious fetish scenes, medical doctor or nurse play and daddy's girl or mommy's little boy scenes. If you don't find exactly what you're seeking in this leather fetish collar category, just ASK. Your inquiry will be answered at our earliest opportunity!


BDSM Collar for DOMINANT Male or Female Master or Mistress Braided Leather with Leather Shield Necklace or Choker

Perfect for either Mistress or Master, this androgynous ( mens or ladies ), discreet, BDSM dominant collar features 10mm width (3/8 inch) 5-strand, high quality, braided leather and the BDSM dominant shield, also precisely cut of high-end leather, with steel fittings and VERY sturdy, thick jump rings. The rear closure is a stainless steel lobster clasp. Attractive, simple and chic; it boasts dominant status only to those ........ who know. CLICK to read more specifics/to order..........

Doctor Nurse Leather Medical Play Fetish Collar
Playing doctor or nurse? BMC has the perfect leather fetish collar for you. Our medical play collar is constructed of buttery soft leather; features sculpted, comfy design. This leather collar is unlined, but you choose leather color and the color of the "red cross" insert. Basically, you design your own fetish collar. And yes, most choose the white collar with red insert, as shown. You make your own rules!

Leather BDSM Collar with Crucifix - Religious Collar

Designed for the ideal religious play or authority figure BDSM scene, this collar is made of BMC's amazing high quality leather. It features contoured (chevron) neck fit, a crucifix cut-out that is lined with a white leather insert and adjustable snap closure in rear. You choose main leather color and size.