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Genuine Horsebit Gag

All leather construction and genuine horsebit bondage gag; adjustable leather buckle strap.

Phallic Penis Gag

Phallic penis head bondage gag inside leather placard with leather cinch strap.

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Sissy Slut Bondage Penis Gag

Matching our Sissy Maid bondage collars and restraints, you MUST have this sissy slut penis gag! Our sissy maid bondage gag is constructed of leather, adorned with frilly lace and satin flowers to match any sissy slave collar or pairs of bondage restraints we offer. Our quality is unmatched, natch. This sissy slut gag comes with removeable black rubber mouth gag (with breathing hole) and adjustable leather buckle strap. CUSTOM order; may take up to several weeks for construction, as it's extremely labor-intensive! You will WAIT, you sissy slut, you. Yes, you will! You choose colors for leather and roses.