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Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps and nipple toys add an element of sensation to your play! No BDSM toybag is complete with a pair or six.


Nipple Clamps | Adjustable Alligator Clamps

Alligator style nipple clamps are a smaller version of the "JUMBO" nipple clamps; fully adjustable so you control tightness on nipple with the set screw.

Nipple Clamps | JUMBO Nipple Clamps Adjustable
"The Boss" nipple clamps are big, adjustable alligator style nipple clamps; four times the size of ordinary nipple clamps. Perfect for large nipples (or labia...but again, you didn't hear that from us!)
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Nipple Clamps | Japanese Clover Clamps

Probably our most popular set of nipple clamps, these are uniquely designed so that the more you pull on the chain, the *tighter* they become on the nipples. Eeeek!

C-Clamps with Screw
Intimidating hardware! But, these clamps are lovely for those who like to be totally in charge of how tight the clamps are. The heavy metal adds weight, too.
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Pincer Nipple Clamps

These nipple clamps are made to be applied to the nipple vertically and are best on elongated nipples (ie., if you have tiny nipples, you won't want these clamps; they won't stay on.) Tightness is adjusted by pushing up the little silver ring, to taste. Voilà!

Nipple Clamps | Nipple Ring Clamps
These nipple clamps were designed for use with pierced nipples; squeeze them and they open to secure to nipple rings. They're also great for labia clamps (but you didn't hear that from us!)
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