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Order Terms & Conditions



  • First order of business is this:  You (and we) agree to all terms stated on this page when you order.  Our customer's only responsibility is to read the terms of sale. It's all about being conscientious and having happy transactions! :)
  • You're responsible for measurements (collars – measure *do NOT guess!* base of neck, not center UNLESS product listing states to measure there; use a measuring tape; a man's shirt size is not reliable); our goods fit the stated measurements, without exception. View all photos provided in our website listings; some of them show you how to measure. It's not rocket science. ;) Both of us want to have a happy ending. ;)
  • Most of BMC's goods  are made when ordered, to your specs. There's a production time. BMC is not a "big box" shop; everything is made FOR you with loving care. Here's a general order-until-ship production schedule, which is subject to change based on order volume:
    • Chain Collars -- are made and ship in about a week; sometimes sooner;
    • Leather Collars, Restraints, Paddlesetc -- about two weeks, or 8 to 10 business (M-F) days from order date to ship date; sometimes longer; it depends on current in-house volume; if you want to know, CONTACT US before or after your order.  We always answer emails promptly.
    • Large, combination orders -- about two weeks--approximately--or 8 to 10 business (M-F) days from order date to ship date
    • Sissy Maid Bondage Gear -- always about 6 to 8 weeks; a WHILE. If you aren't willing to wait, do not order "sissy maid" bondage gear. This line is costly because it's time-consuming, and we don't take 'rush' orders.
    • If you need your order by a certain date, CONTACT US BEFORE ORDERING to see if that's possible. Again, we're all about the happy. Communication makes for happy. :)  
  • We sometimes may email you with questions about your order. If you order online, it's your obligation to check, read and reply to email. It's just common sense. Check your SPAM folder, especially if you're using outdated email clients, like yahoo or hotmail or AOL.  We must be able to communicate with you. Thanks.
  • Discreet shipping -- from BMC, Inc. in plain packaging. Standard shipping is USPS (Postal Service) 1st Class Mail package with Tracking/Delivery Confirmation. If you select Express Shipping Options, your package will arrive faster, after production. Express shipping is not a 'rush' charge; it's just faster arrival after shipment.
  • All sales are final unless we made an error; no refunds or exchanges, due to the intimate nature, costumery and custom creation of our goods. MEASURE--do NOT guess!
  • NOT responsible for allergies to {whatever} metals/materials!  If the recipient of ordered goods has an allergy to metals/nickel/what-have-you, don't order. We are not responsible for allergies to [whatever]. MOST hardware used  is nickel-plated.  Chain is sttainless steel / rhodium plated.  NOT responsible for allergies which may surface at ANY time! If you need precious metlas, BUY THEM ELSEWHERE. BMC doesn NOT offer precious metlas!  We may be able to work around that if you communicate before ordering. There will be an upcharge for these accommodations.
  • If BMC makes an error, we’ll fix it at OUR expense and provide you with a return shipping label, if you request such service within 7 days of receipt of your goods, per USPS tracking. Again, it's all about being happy.
  • No returns are accepted without our authorization and BMC-provided return shipping label.
  • Undeliverable packages, for ANY reason, if returned to BMC, will require a repackaging and shipment fee. It's only fair. We are about being fair. If you don't respond to email notice of a returned package for reshipment within three (3) business days, you might be refunded the cost of the item, less 20 percent restocking/reworking/alteration fee, and/or other costs/fees associated with reselling your made-to-order item. You will not be refunded shipping and our costs incurred to process your order orginally. Absolutely NO refunds will be issued for custom, made to order goods, for any reason.
  • BMC makes no suggestion about use for its merchandise; it is sold for costume or novelty purposes only.
  • All credit card orders must be placed by the credit cardholder, using the cardholder's bona fide billing address.
  • Alternate shipping addresses are no problem, as long as you enter THE bona fide billing address associated with the credit cardholder.  Always enter the credit cardholder's address FIRST.  If you don't your order will be rejected by fraud filters. Shipping charges are based on the shipping address you enter.
  • Discretion for billing:   “BMC INC" shows up on credit card statement.
  • In some cases, we may ship with “Signature Required” based on the value of the shipment; we’ll advise you if this is the case.
  • We may text your phone if your email bounces as undeliverable.
  • E.T. NO PHONE HOME!  We *hate* the phone-- it is a time-eating/money-consuming thing.  Wanna make contact?  READ YOUR EMAIL!  Not having to blab on the phone keeps prices in check.   Please respect this logic.  We MAY answer the phone (not likely), but will definitely reply to the email address you entered/included with your order.  Read. Your. Email. Read. the. website. Read.  Reading helps us spend less time reiterating things that are already on the website.  Love ya, mean it! :)  If you insist on calling (and are ready to be disappointed by no answer), the phone number is:   312.421.9690. :)
  • PICK-UPS: Apologies, but no in-person pick-ups can be arranged. All orders are shipped. (The parking fee would cost you more, anyway.)
  • INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS -- BE AWARE and READ :::::::::::::: BMC only ships outside the USA via methods with tracking to ensure proof of delivery.  Important: Your country may and USUALLY DOES assign duty/VAT/import taxes.  These charges are the customer's responsibility, imposed by your government They are NOT postage! It is illegal to send merchandise marked as "gift." We do NOT do this; do not ask. It is against the law.

    UK and Canadian customers
    can expect a 20 percent VAT fee, assigned by YOUR country, for example, atop a "processing fee" -- be aware!  As mentioned above:  Undeliverable packages, for any reason, if returned to BMC, will require a repackaging and re-shipment fee. It's only fair. We are about being fair. Returned packages MAY result in a paltry/partial refund (merchandise price, LESS 20 percent restocking/reworking/alteration fee, and/or other costs/fees associated with reselling the item) -- or NOT, if the item was custom.  Most of BMC's goods ARE made custom.  You will NOT be refunded if you choose to abandon your package due to Customs/VAT fees. It is in your best interest to pay VAT/Customs/Duty fees and claim your package.  Suck it up, buttercup.
  • As our customer, you acknowledge that you are over the age of 18 and that no laws exist prohibiting the delivery of your ordered goods to the shipping address provided.

About Black Market Chicago Fetish Emporium

BMC has been making leather bondage gear since 1995. We use only the best -- buttery, thick, soft, custom-tanned -- leather hides and take great pride in hand-constructing our goods for you – right here in Chicago, USA. Customer service and quality is BMC’s pride. Feel free to inquire about our goods and receive a speedy response.