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DDLG and Kitten Play Collars

Real leather, BDSM kitten and DDLG collars that are bondage and tug-proof. Everyone else is making mere ribbon chokers; ours are true BDSM collars for pet play, weddings, collarings, scening


BDSM Kitten Play DDLG Collar White Leather with Lilac Bow Engraved Tag and Rhinestone Rivets

This is a *real* BDSM bondage-proof leather collar--not a cheap choker. Handmade, with love, and made to last. It's narrow (7/8" width) and delicate and dainty, but sturdy; white leather with ROLLED edges for comfort. This DDLG BDSM, kitten play collar features 3-ply, *comfy and soft* leather; machine lock-stitched. Center focal point is a faux leather, lilac (or, light purple) bow, secured with rivets; heart-shaped center placard is aluminum; hand-stamped, engraved "KITTEN" tag with Swarovski crystal on tag; side lilac rhinestone rivets to match. Rear buckle assembly includes a D-Ring for a pet lead-leash attachment point. MEASURE--DO NOT GUESS; made to order; see "How to Measure" photo in product listing. Not returnable or exchangeable or alterable.